What is Polyurea? 

Polyurea was invented in the early 1980s and is one of the most environmentally stable man-made materials on the planet. It was inspired by the desire to create a synthetic polymer that was less sensitive to moisture. Water is the most destructive element to structures of all types around the world. Unlike some other decorative surface materials like wood, polyurea is 100% waterproof and its advantages don’t stop there.

Let’s take a closer look – polyurea is a material that falls into the large material category of polymers. Polymers are any substance, natural or man-made, made up of a large number of smaller molecules that link together to form larger molecules, thereby creating a more stable and durable material.

An example of a synthetic polymer, you’re well aware of, is plastic. An example of a natural polymer you’re also familiar with is rubber. Polyurea is considered a synthetic polymer and it has several unique protective advantages compared to all other polymers including other synthetics. This makes it the perfect decorative surface material component, and the top choice for our manufacturing process.

Why Polyurea? 

There are two main factors to consider when choosing a decorative surface material; how well does it protect your surface and how good does it look and feel?

The most important job for any decorative surface product is its ability to protect the surface it’s covering. DecoArmor’s ability to protect surfaces is superior compared to other synthetic, composite and natural products because its main component is comprised of polyurea.

Polyurea is incredibly durable, it won’t chip, break or crack like stone and masonry will. Because it won’t absorb moisture, it’s mold resistant. It’s a closed cell material so it won’t absorb dirt, grease, bacteria or viruses and it’s easier to clean. Its extreme lightweight design saves significant time and money on shipping, installation, labor, structural engineering and on long term maintenance.

The U.S. Military

The durability and waterproof aspect of polyurea, combined with its rust, corrosion and chemical resistance, are some of the many reasons the U.S. military has used polyurea to protect its equipment and soldiers for decades.

Polyurea is most commonly known as the material that’s currently protecting the back of millions of pickup trucks around the world. Anyone with a truck bed liner knows it takes a beating from the wear and tear of everyday use and from the harsh treatment the weather provides daily as well.


The patented technology and manufacturing process allows us to combine the durability of polyurea with the beauty and texture of real materials like wood, stone and metal. This is how we make DecoArmor. DecoArmor not only protects surfaces better than other synthetic, composite and natural products on the market, it also looks and feels so real, it is unreal. 

More about our process – we bond iron oxides (stone particulates) to the surface of our polyurea molds to duplicate the beauty and texture of real materials. Using iron oxides provides the additional advantage of increasing the UV stability. DecoArmor’s colors won’t fade in the sun. You can’t say that about any other synthetic, composite or natural decorative surface product.