DecoArmor EIFS Systems

DecoArmor manufactures and distributes two types of EIFS products for commercial and residential use.

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EIFS Field Application

To create our EIFS system we coat foam board with a special lend of polyurea, a super-coating material that completely waterproofs any substrate while providing an incredibly strong structural surface. 

After the polyurea is sprayed it is ready to go. DecoArmor decorative siding can then be easily applied over the polyurea coating with a special transfer adhesive that is quick and simple. 

EIFS Prefabricated Panels

DecoArmor now manufactures and distributes prebuilt EIFS panels for residential and commercial use. We can custom design the panels for any project with our full line of DecoArmor products. 

Our panel systems are easy to install, saving you a tremendous amount of time and labor cost. These panels provide a monolithic weatherproof barrier and deliver a beautiful and durable finish.

We are Revolutionizing the EIFS Industry

DecoArmor has created the world’s most revolutionary EIFS system for commercial and residential use.

Our EIFS systems use our patented next-gen surface design materials that perfectly replicate wood, stone, metal, coral, and even fully custom building materials.