We are Decorative Surface Design Specialists. Our patented process of combining both the flexibility and durability of polyurea with the beautiful look and feel of natural materials allows us to create a wide variety of superior decorative surface materials. 

We have created a product line that’s inspired by beautiful and unique textures from around the world. From duplicating rare materials like coral, to being able to etch custom company logos into slate walls or tabletops, we offer our customers options they’ve never before thought possible.


We produces and manufactures products meant for commercial building and construction use. DecoArmor protects interior and exterior surfaces, and can be used for decking, hardscapes, siding, walkways, and even EIFS field applications. 


DecoArmor is used by home builders and DIY enthusiast. Installation is quick and easy, and does not require skilled labor. You can order items directly from our product catalog or we can create custom products based on your desired patterns and color schemes. 


Our EIFS field applications and prefabricated panels not only look great, but they will help commercial and residential builders save time and money while providing a beautiful finish to any project. DecoArmor EIFS systems have revolutionized the EIFS industry. 

DecoArmor Applications

DecoArmor manufactures and supplies products for both residential and commercial use, including ceiling, decking, EIFS, hardscape, siding, walkway, and wall applications. 

Our products can be applied to fresh base layer surfaces or over existing material to give an upgraded or refurbished look. We made installation easy by using adhesive or mechanical fasteners that practically anyone can learn how to use. 

DecoArmor can replicate almost any natural surface, so custom made products are easy to create for our customers.

Simply put, we’ve created a better way to build and remodel, and because of our versatility DecoArmor is the present and future of the decorative surface industry. 

Interior Applications

Our interior products add beautiful style and a durable finish to any room. Popular DecoArmor interior application include kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, decorative ceilings, fireplaces, counter and tabletops, accent walls, columns, and much more. 

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Exterior Applications

Our exterior products protect the outside of all building types like a coat of armor. DecoArmor exterior products have a seemingly endless use, and are popular for columns, decking, hardscapes, surrounding pool areas, siding, walkways, and walls just to name a few. 

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DecoArmor Advantages

DecoArmor has distinct advantages over other decorative surface materials and is one of the most environmentally stable man-made materials on the planet. The extreme flexibility of polyurea combined with our patented process of adding unique colors and natural textures, allows us to create a wide variety of products.

DecoArmor outperforms all other decorative surface materials in the building and construction industry, and our custom product line allows homeowners, builders and architects to unleash their full imagination.

We only offer the highest quality products. With the cost of raw materials going up worldwide, the value of our next-gen product increases more and more.

Manufacturing & Compliance

Doesn’t Produce C02 During its Production or Life- time
Doesn’t Destroy Trees, Natural Rock or Stone
No Volatile Organic Compounds
Closed Molecules Make it More Sanitary Protects Against Rust and Corrosion Chemical Resistant
UV Stable
LEED Compliant

Installation & Maintenance

DIY Friendly for Fast and Essy Installation Extremely Lightweight
Won’t Chip, Crack, or Break During Install Can be installed in temps as low as 35 F Easy to Clean
Impact & Abrasion Resistant Flexible and Tolerates Movement Odorless, Water and Mold Proof Non-Slip

Commercial Advantages

No Construction Exoerience Necessary
No Heavy Equipment Required
No Skilled Labor Required
Reduced Labor, Maintenance, and Shipping Costs Reduced Installation and Shipping Time
Reduced Rick for Installers Reduced Liability for Installers

Standard Product Collections

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is a man-made, sprayed on material that is most commonly used as a truck bed liner, but was originally created more than 40 years ago as an impenetrable tank containment system liner, allowing nearly anything under the sun to be stored in large steel or concrete tanks without worrying about potential leakage. It is 100% closed-cell, meaning it is 100% waterproof. It is extremely resistant to scratching, denting, & tearing, and is one of the most environmentally stable materials on the planet. By adding iron oxides to the surface, the products are UV stable, and actually improve the overall performance of the polyurea…at the same time giving DecoArmor products the most natural colors and textures possible in a synthetic product.

DecoArmor products are comprised of two environmentally friendly, extremely long lasting and durable materials…actual stone granules (iron oxides) on the surface bound together with a polyurea backing.

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DecoArmor Installation Guide

DecoArmor is easy to install. Our installation guide covers the necessary steps to complete jobs ranging from basic DIY home renovations to more complex commercial work.

DecoArmor can be used as an interior and exterior surface design applications for both commercial and residential use.


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